Kenworth T410 860mm Aero Roof Sleeper

Kenworth T Series Kenworth T Series

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  • Model: T410
    CONFIGURATION: 6×4 / 8×4
    ENGINE: Paccar MX-13 – 460 hp (1700 lb-ft torque) or 510 hp (1850 lb-ft torque)
    TRANSMISSION: Eaton Manual – 18 Speed (1850/2050 lb-ft torque) / Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), Paccar – 12 Speed (1850 lb-ft torque) or Eaton UltraShift – 18 Speed (1850/2050 lb-ft torque)
    Suspension: Front – Taper Leaf / Rear – Airbag
    CAB: Day Cab / 600mm Aero Roof Sleeper / 760mm Mid-Roof Sleeper / 860mm Aero Roof Sleeper
  • ENGINE: Paccar MX13 - 460 HP / 1700 LB-FT Torque (Standard)
    Paccar MX13 - 510 HP / 1850 LB-FT Torque (Optional)
    EXHAUST: EGP Outside Rail RHR with Ground ischarge for MX (Standard)
    EGP Outside Rail RHR , Dual Side of Cab Exhaust (Optional)
  • Transmission - Manual: Eaton RTLO18918B 18 Speed / 1850 LB-FT Torque (Standard)
    Eaton RTLO20918B 18 Speed / 2050 LB-FT Torque (Optional)
    Transmission - Automated: Paccar Automated PO-18F112C, 12 Speed / 1850 LB-FT Torque (Optional)
    Eaton FO-18E318A-MXP Ultrashift Plus, 18 Speed / 1850 LB-FT Torque (Optional)
    Eaton FO-20E318A-MXP Ultrashift Plus, 18 Speed / 2 0 5 0 L B - F T Torque (Optional)
  • Front Axle: Dana E-1462I - 6.6T GAWR (Standard)
    Dana Dual E-1462I - 13.2T GAWR (Optional)
    Meritor MFS66-122 - 6.6T GAWR (Optional)
    Meritor Dual MFS66-122 - 13.2T GAWR (Optional)
    Meritor MFS73-7.3T GAWR (Optional)
  • Rear Axle: Dana DSH40P - 18.1T GAWR (Standard)
    Dana D46-170 - 20.9T GAWR (Optional)
    Meritor MT-20-14XG - 20.0T GAWR (Optional)
    Meritor RT46-160GP - 20.9T GAWR (Optional)
  • Rear Suspension: Kenworth Airglide 400 - 18.1T GAWR (Standard)
    Kenworth Airglide 460 - 20.9T GAWR (Optional)
    Hendrickson PAX 462 - 21.0T GAWR (Optional)
  • Brakes: Drum (Standard)
    Disc (Optional)
  • Wheels: Alcoa Alloy 10 Stud (Standard)
    Alcoa Ultra One Alloy 10 Stud (Optional)
    Alcoa Paccar / Kenworth Style Alloy 10 Stud (Optional)
  • Fuel Tanks: Round 625MM Aluminium Polished Tanks (Standard)
    Rectangular Aluminium Polished Tanks (Optional)
  • Configuration T410:
    6X4 (Standard)
    8X4 (Optional)
    Fuel Haul (Optional)
    Gas Haul (Optional)
    75L Adblue Tank with Battery Box (Standard)
    Air Cleaner:
    Donaldson 2500 Series Air Cleaner - Under Hood (Standard)
    Dual Inbuilt Hood Precleaners - Service Free (Standard)
    Safety Systems:
    ABS - Antilock Braking System (Standard)
    DTC - Drag Torque Control (Standard)
    ATC - Automatic Traction Control (Standard)
    HSA- Hillstart Assist* (Optional)
    ACB - Active Cruise Braking** (Optional)
    TRM - Trailer Response Management (Optional)
    ESP - Electronic Stability Program (Optional)
    CMS - Collision Mitigation with AEB** (Optional)
    LDW - Lane Departure Warning** (Optional)
    *only available with Paccar & Eaton Ultrashift Plus Automated Transmissions
    **as part of Bendix Wingman Fusion
    600MM Aero Roof (Optional)
    760MM Mid Roof (Optional)
    860MM Aero Roof (Optional)
    Cab Access:
    2 Step Round 625MM Fuel Tanks (Standard)
    3 Step Rectangular Fuel Tanks (Optional)
    Refer to your authorised Kenworth Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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