Kenworth C509 36" Aero Roof Sleeper

Kenworth C5 Series Kenworth C5 Series

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  • Model: C509
    CONFIGURATION: 6×4 / 8×6
    ENGINE: Cummins X15 Euro 5 -485/500/525/550/600 hp
    TRANSMISSION: Manual / Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)
    SUSPENSION: Front – Taper Leaf, Multi Leaf / Rear – Airbag, Mechanical
    CAB: Day Cab / 28" Flat Roof Sleeper / 36" Mid Roof Recessed Back or Aero Roof Sleeper with Flat or Recessed Back / 50" Aero Roof Sleeper
  • X15 Cummins Engine: X15 EURO 5 - 485 HP @ 1650 LB-FT Torque (standard)
    X15 EURO 5 - 485 HP - 600 HP @ 1850 LB-FT Torque (optional)
    X15 EURO 5 - 600 HP @ 2050 LB-FT Torque (optional)
  • Manual: Eaton RTLO20918B 18 Speed, 2050 LB-FT Torque (standard)
    Eaton RTLO22918B 18 Speed, 2250 LB-FT Torque (optional)
    Automated Manual Transmission: Ultrashift Plus FO-20E318B-MXP 18 Speed, 2050 LB-FT Torque (optional)
    Ultrashift Plus FO-22E318B-MXP 18 Speed, 2250 LB-FT Torque (optional)
  • Model: Dana E-1462I - 6.6T GAWR (standard)
    Dana D-2000F - 7.3T GAWR (optional)
    Meritor MFS66-122 - 6.6T GAWR (optional)
    Meritor MFS73 - 7.3T GAWR (optional)
    Meritor FL941 - 9.1T GAWR (optional)
  • Model: Dana D46-170 - 20.9T GAWR (standard)
    Dana D50-170 - 22.7T GAWR (optional)
    Dana D52-190 - 23.6T GAWR (optional)
    Dana D52-190 WITH LAZY AXLE - 23.6T GAWR (optional)
    Meritor RT46-160 - 20.9T GAWR (optional)
    Meritor RT50-160 - 22.7T GAWR (optional)
    Meritor RT52-185 - 23.6T GAWR (optional)
    Meritor RT52-185 with Lazy Axle - 23.6T GAWR (optional)
    Meritor RZ78-188G Tri-Drive - 29.5T GAWR (optional)
    Sisu FR2P-32 Tandem - 32.0T GAWR (optional)
    Sisu FR3P-48 Tandem - 48.0T GAWR (optional)
  • Type: Taper Leaf, Multi Leaf / Rear - Airbag, Mechanical
  • Type: Kenworth Airglide 460 - 20.9T GAWR (standard)
    Kenworth KW6-60A - 18.5T OR 21T GAWR (optional)
    Neway AD246/10 - 20.8T GAWR (optional)
    Neway AD369/10 - 31.2T GAWR (optional)
  • Type: Drum (standard), Disc (optional)
  • Front Tyres: 11R22.5 R251, 295/80 R22.5 R150-II, 385/65 R22.5 R249
    Rear Tyres: 11R22.5 M766, 11R22.5 M822, 275/70 R22.5 M749
    Wheels: Alloy 10 Stud (standard)
    Steel Demountable Rims on 6 Spoke Hubs (optional)
  • Types: Range of Packages Available
  • GCM: Nominal 97 Tonne Limit and up to 250T Based on Application and Configuration*
    * Higher GCM ratings available subject to Application and Engineering approval.
  • Configuration:
    6 X 4 (standard)
    8 X 4 (optional)
    28” Flat Roof (optional)
    36” Mid Roof Recessed Back (optional)
    36” Aero Roof Recessed Back (optional)
    36” Aero Roof (optional)
    50” Aero Roof (optional)
    EGP Mounted Right Hand Side Under Cab (standard)
    EGP Mounted In-Chassis (optional)
    100L 625MM DIA UREA Tank (standard)
    170L 625MM DIA UREA Tank (optional)
    300L 625MM DIA UREA Tank (optional)
    160L Rectangular UREA Tank (optional)
    225L Rectangular UREA Tank (optional)
    Safety Systems - Electronic Brake Safety Systems (EBSS)
    ABS - Antilock Braking System (standard)
    DTC - Drag Torque Control (standard)
    ATC - Automatic Traction Control (standard)
    HSA - Hill Start Assist* (optional)
    ACB - Active Cruise Braking (optional)
    TRM - Trailer Response Management (optional)
    ESP - Electronic Stability Program (optional)
    CMS - Collision Mitigation with AEB (optional)
    LDW - Lane Departure Warning (optional)
    *Only available with Eaton UltraShift® Plus Automated Transmission.
    Single Colour to Cab (standard)
    Up to 3 Colours 6 Breaks (optional)
    Refer to your authorised Kenworth Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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